>I need to forget.
I need to forgo
seeking that went
many aeons ago.

Skeletons in my closet
creating a babel.
If only i would let,
many stories they would tell.

Memories that haunt
my every present.
They insult and taunt
my reasoning spent.

An elixir to erase
acts and thoughts elapsed,
of moments and days
in a blur they sped.

Welcome me to Hades,
let me drown in Lethe,
wont fight against the tides,
let it swallow me complete.

Let it wipe away my past,
let it make way for future,
he waters are moving so fast,
can i hold on to bits of true?

Years come to end,
I go looking for Lethe.
Mistakes many to mend
but i drink to forget…..

one last offering,this year.