>this was written on 16th april ’07.. when the sky had turned cloudy enough to allow me to hope that rains are on their way.. but of course i was being over- optimistic…

i wish it would rain.
it would be raining so bad you cant see the person standing next to you, cant see the imperfections, the fallacies, the mistakes and the wrongs.
it would rain so incessantly that you would flow away in its rhythm willing yourself to get lost in those wild torrents that threaten to suck you out of the ever widening void between you and the world around you.. like a leaf that drops from a branch and travels in the paths led by a wild wind and gets thrown away madly in the gale and yet seems to be enjoying its new found freedom- separated from its home, the tree.. yet that exhiliration to be swinging wildy, loose from shackles that bind you… let the wind play havoc with you,let it drag you away to places unknown, lands unexplored, let the raindrops siphon away all the remnants unwanted, let it whip you with such force that you feel every obliterating cobweb has been removed, only your unscarred soul — helpless surrender to a greater force that promises you a freedom.a freedom albeit twisted and turned by its giver.. the wind made me free, i must follow its will..
would you be my wind? would you be my passionate wind??

rain rain please come my away.. drag me away..