>I have to pack and leave. I’m not sure why exactly I’m not exceedingly happy to leave for home.

I’ve been thinking, wondering, pondering, coming to my own confused conclusions, and through all of that, I think I’m still confused… about love, beliefs, people and what we tell others about our lives. Love is just another name for dependence and is mundane. Its glorified into beauty and romance in movies and books.
But I read this letter,


and I realize its not just fiction that provides you that escape. Infact, is there any need to seek escape? I wonder why and where to do I want to escape?

Coming back to love and all things therefore, yes I think it is selfish and dependent and the act of getting used to someone’s presence in our lives constitutes love for us. But then, whats wrong with it? Who defines love as something which has to be stars and goats and all those fancy things only?? The very fact that you are attracted to someone and the more you come to know them, the more fallacies you find, and yet you chose to stick along with that life of predictability – couldnt that be love in itself?? Even if you are doing so for the selfish reason of being in your comfort zone and other such reasons, the by-product of that act of selfishness does seem to forgive your intention or a lack of a noble intention, doesn’t it?

So.. I think yes love is there. Those “awww.. so beautiful” type of love stories too happen in real life.. But maybe we have to make a choice if we want to stick through it or not. The headrush of present. Or that slow comprehension and realization in the future.


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  1. >heyyaaOK, our beliefs on love are kinda similar, I would just like to add..”Love” as such is so hyped that all the fun and rush involved in the term as a whole somewhere loses its relevance. Amazing real love-stories happen most certainly yes. There is a love story in every house and each one of them is special in its own way..I loved the last line man! Awesumm..:-)

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