>Cogito nimis

>I think those lines on your hands could mean a lot. Else why would they be there? Must have some purpose. Those lines are changing on mine.
I’m losing my fingerprints. Its not an identity crisis, yet.
I would like to deduce that I will lead a double life, as those lines say. Paranoia doesn’t attack, it creeps in slowly.

I wish people accepted that only incidental stupidity is tolerable.
I wish people didn’t cheat.
I wish people weren’t so condescending as to think that they can fool you to believe that the by-products of their selfishness benefits you in some way and hence accept it.
I wish people were not as afraid of others as they are of themselves.
I wish they could be solved and still intrigue,
they could be known and yet remain strangers,
I wish I didn’t allow myself to get bothered with people so much.

And I desperately wish it would burn and sting on the surface, but numb the pain inside.

Do I wish these for sanity or for distraction?

volo nimis