Bald Frog with a Wig- How Different!


Blogger Random Question- 

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

I answered, without keeping brevity in mind,

The frog, in his excitement, went bald instead of turning into a handsome prince when kissed by the woman of his dreams. And being bald didn’t help him look any different and he hated being commonplace. So he decided to wear a wig made of horse hair and hazel in color, and this wig impeded his attempts to jump about in the pond. The others banished him from the pond because he refused to reveal from where he got this wig- from the buffalos who came to cool in the pond or from the beaver who sat on the banks. He moved way and had to find prey from amongst flies hovering over rotten bodies of birds in a far away oasis. His exiled living was difficult and was brought to an end by a kid with a broken tooth and bulging eyes, who took fancy to the frog. He found it so different and extra-ordinary, he put him in a jar and covered it with muslin and charged the neighborhood kids a nickel and a dime to come and watch it. The frog felt proud, he wasn’t commonplace anymore. And people paid to watch him.

Do I also need to add a “Moral of the Story” ?


3 thoughts on “Bald Frog with a Wig- How Different!

  1. >traces of an accomplished short story writer….try it full-fledged if you havent already….especially if the topic is taken from a small thing which we all see around us, but few like you interpret in their own peculiar way and end up amazing us by their thought process. Note : the last part of this comment has no relation with this work, but thought i should write it here having read your other stuffs over the years.

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