>Anger Management

>Ok, high time I came here and ranted. Well, it’s not ranting. It’s just some anger management right now.

I’m being really patient these days. With everything. Yes, I don’t really want everyone to understand it. In fact I don’t expect anyone to understand or whatever. It’s just that I feel if I kept repeating it to myself, I’d be good at it. Gosh, I can never get that thing out of my head. I have, for some reason, always told myself that I will become what I tell myself. If I told myself I’m being patient, I will be so. I need more convincing for myself than for others. Or maybe I can’t convince others about how convinced I am because I can’t convince myself. This doesn’t help but prove only one thing- I CANNOT SELL.

So, back to anger management. It is particularly difficult when you aren’t burning your lungs out. It’s even more difficult when you can’t call up your best friend(s) because your head’s so swollen with fake ego. And listening to all your favorite sweet songs doesn’t help in writing or as they say, channelizing your energy to create something profound, meaningful and deep.

So yes, I am angry. Pissed. Angry. Irritated. All of those things that I could otherwise blame on PMS, and which I could get away with if it was for less than 6 hours. But, never mind. Things are definitely not looking good, despite me listening to all the sweet/happy songs. Only I can lie to myself well enough and delude myself into anger or happy highs. And with all that anger channelization, all I’ve doing is setting a record for saving drafts (thank you google for autosave). So far the count is : 4 blog posts, 3 mails. All resting safely somewhere where they wouldn’t hurt/harm/maim/injure/kill anyone. Or lead to the same aforementioned happening to me afterward.

With all of this, I’ve made a list of things one should not do when angry. Some are based on real experiences and some are things I assume would hold good in a hypothetical situation:

1) Do not email. Type it out. Don’t hit “Send”. Let gmail do the “draft autosaved” thingy for you.
2) Do not talk on the phone if you’re home and are not sure if your parents are asleep. Your parents don’t need to know you’ve improved your swearocabulary over the years.
3)Do not kick your CPU when you know your PC is recuperating from the crash it went through 3 weeks back. It wouldn’t help to have no music, no e-books, no sitcoms, no movies, no xkcd, when you’re fuming.
4) Do not go for a haircut. Just in case.
5) Do not watch movies where the protagonists look real cool stabbing themselves with needles in the first half and real sad-ass losers by the other half, and by which time you’d have probably given up on watching it.
6) Do not go down memory lane if you’re angry in a combination- like angry and sad or angry and lonely or angry and whatever else. Remember- thinking about good old days when life sucked and you couldn’t do anything about it would not help the days when life still sucks and you can do something about it but refuse to do so.
7) Do not drink too much coffee/alcohol/cola or eat too much of chips/spicy food/chocolate.
8) Do not keep precious objects within your reach. Do not keep them in the company of sharp/heavy/both objects.
9) Do not try those counting from 20 to 1 or saying the alphabet backwards kind of tricks. You’d only lose momentum in your angry tirade and miss an epiphany, if any.
10) Do not look for therapy from music-Listening to some chick singing about her boyfriend not understanding her or a crazed guy with laryngitis screaming about his skin bleeding and intestines boiling in bile won’t help you. If anything, it will only make it worse. Go classical. Only instrumental. Listen to Beethoven, if anything. That is, if you have any of it or can be patient enough to download it.
11) Do not try that whole ‘breathe deeply and break your ribs exercise”. All you manage to do is create an atmospheric imbalance of some sorts around you. Not to mention, you feel more tired than before.
12) Do not get into the whole sweating it out drama. You decide to go loosen some fat and push all that anger through kick boxing or aerobics or whatever it is that you do in the name of exercise, and then you pull a hamstring, sprain an ankle or break your hip and get confined to bed rest thus earning yourself some more time to brood and work yourself into a frenzy.
13) Do not get angry at the beginning or middle of your weekend. Get into those furies just a day before getting back to work on a weekday. You can let it all out and only blame work. Or you’d get so mad with work, you’d sort of forget about the original anger situation.
14) And don’t waste time blogging. And if you’ve done that already, don’t let it go to waste by shoving it into “Drafts”. And no, there are no funny scribbles, comics kinda things going with this one. Take it or leave it.
15) And lastly, if you are mildly sleepy, forget all the crap about not taking anger to bed. Just take it and go flat on it. Don’t waste time thinking, blogging, reading, listening to music, watching stuff, talking etc. Just sleep. That’s probably the best thing to do. Apart from burning your lungs and killing the germs inside with some well turned out ethanol. But, never mind.

One Rainy Afternoon

>”Yes, finally they arrive.”

“Yes, indeed.”

“I love the monsoon. Though you don’t seem to share the sentiment.”

“Nothing like that. I do too. Quite a lot.”

“Then why aren’t you as excited?”

“Yes, obviously I am not as excited.”

“And why so?”

“Does any statement here merit any reason?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. Should there be?”

“There definitely is something. What is it?”

“Receding hairline.”

“Ha! Why old man, that shouldn’t bother you. What’s wrong with acquiring age?”

“Everything, apart from- no, everything.”

“I don’t care now.. I just want to enjoy these rains”

“Go ahead.”

“I can go on about how rains make everything seem so beautiful and romantic-”

“That’s the problem- going on about what seems to be what- too many movies and novels I say”

“That’s not true- ”

“Obviously not!”

“Yes, obviously not!! People love rains!”

“They say they do”

“They say what they feel. Don’t you feel these things?”

“People feel too many things. What things are you talking about?”

“Oh rains do these things to me….I feel… Let’s go out for a drive.”

“Why don’t we just stay in and help you out with these things instead?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing and everything. Now, let’s see what the rains are doing to you…”