Review: Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress
Digital Fortress- Dan Brown

There was a time when Dan Brown could write any book and it would be a bestseller and everyone would love it. It would be made into a Hollywood movie and we’ll all make Dan Brown very very rich. This book was a huge hit at that time. One look at its synopsis and plot on its wiki page and I began to wonder why and how I managed to finish the book.

There’s the NSA and their code breaking machine and an attempt to insert a virus algorithm that would bring it down. There are people’s civil liberties at stake and to avert this big a crisis they call none but an employee’s fiancé to crack it for them. Yes, that is exactly what Government organizations, especially the likes of National Security Agency do when there’s a crisis. They get one of their employee’s fiancé to do it for them- because they can’t afford to get a real expert and because they are really really trusting.

Have fun reading this book which has taken the concept of word play and pun too seriously to have a title of Digital Fortress.

You can read the complete review here.


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