Review: My Legendary Girlfriend

My Legendary Girlfriend- Mike Gayle
My Legendary Girlfriend- Mike Gayle

Our hero, Will Kelly is soon going to turn 26. He hates his job of an English teacher at a comprehensive. His house is such a dump that he can’t cook without setting off the communal alarm. He has a somewhat steady income, but not enough money to distract him from the most important problem of his life: his legendary girlfriend Aggi. Or rather, ex-girlfriend. It’s been three years, and he still can’t get over her.

Then one fine day, he gets a call from Kate,the previous tenant of his shabby cubbyhole. They get talking and Will starts mulling over the possibility of life after Aggi, of a life with new beginnings, of a life with Kate. And what happens next is for you to find out. Does he find his second “The One” ?

The debut novel apparently took Britain by storm and was pegged as the Male Bridget Jones Diary. For the first claim, I wonder if it’s saying anything considering the fickle weather of Britain. For the second claim, now here I have two things to say-

1) Women whine. We know that. It was funny, even endearing to some extent to see Bridget Jones do that. I doubt I want to listen to a man whine about not getting a date or complaining that he’s getting fat.

2) There’s a reason it’s called “chick-lit” and not “dude-lit” or “hunk-lit”.

I couldn’t decide which guy I hated most- Will, Mike Gayle or the friend (yes, a guy) from whom I borrowed this book.

The complete review can be found here.

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