The Devil You Know (A Felix Castor Novel)- Mike Carey


The Devil You Know- Mike Carey
The Devil You Know- Mike Carey

Mike Carey is an acclaimed British writer who’s worked on comics like Lucifer, Hellblazer, X-Men, Crossing Midnight and The Unwritten. His debut novel, The Devil You Know centers around Felix Fix Castor, your modern-day exorcist who has to banish the occasional spirit, ghost or demon to pay his bills.

The novel begins with Castor pondering over his ill chosen career and trying to give it up. While trying to make ends meet, he takes up a seemingly simple exorcism in a museum at the heart of London. To his surprise and deflated ego, the blood-veiled specter seems reluctant to respond to tactics that would have ensured Castor a good quick fee. Castor probes deeper and finds himself making some more enemies which includes a rapacious succubus. How Castor manages to save himself from the dead, while not pissing them off too much makes for an immensely exciting read.

This is not your typical brooding horror book, thanks to our hero Felix Castor who can’t himself from blurting out wisecracks while facing his many nemeses. He’s your anti-hero in a hero, one who knows he’s a mean bastard and seems to enjoy it. But he’s also your savior of souls and you will like him and girls reading this will definitely find him very, very attractive.

Mike Carey brings the elements of horror and detective thrillers and combines them effortlessly to give us a supernatural adventure that gives the chills and tickles the funny bone too.

You can also read the review here.


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