Book Review: The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs- Thomas Harris
The Silence of the Lambs - Thomas Harris

If Red Dragon was anything to go by, Harris outdoes himself in his second offering in the Hannibal trilogy with The Silence of Lambs. This time he brings in a new heroine, FBI Trainee Clarice Starling who is called in by Special Agent Jack Crawford to talk to Dr. Hannibal Lecter and see if he can provide any insights on the murderer fashioned “Buffalo Bill” by the Kansas City Police.

Buffalo Bill kidnaps young women, skins them and murders them and is now on a cross-country rampage. Starling suspects Hannibal knows much more about the killer than he is revealing after his predictions about the next victim are astoundingly accurate. But Hannibal plays around with Starling, divulging bits and pieces of information as clues in return for her allowing him to analyze her. When the daughter of Senator Ruth Martin gets kidnapped and they find her discarded blouse on the roadside, there is no doubt left as to who the kidnapper is and the heat increases on Starling. While she has to chase an evil twisted mind in a race against time, she has to endure further humiliation and seek help from the more sinister and dangerous Dr. Lecter.

Will Clarice Starling survive this game of cat and mouse? Will the crime fighters manage to keep these malevolent criminals from further horrors? You can only watch with bated breath and mounting excitement, for Harris unleashes his talent at coldblooded crime and mystery and shocks you. In the first novel, we see only a glimpse of Hannibal which manages to frighten us; this time we get to know him a little better and that doesn’t do any good for our stomach. It is hard to digested the horror contained in the mind of one man, one man who studied minds, who is brilliant and highly intelligent, and one who’s cold calculating mind understands crime and is capable of orchestrating a deadly game of chase. It is difficult not to be swept away and intimidated by Hannibal Lecter. Harris wears the crown of horror thriller very deservingly after this hell of a potboiler.

Read this one for an enormously satisfying experience of fantastic investigation into minds that perpetrate crimes and those that fight crime.


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