Review: The Chamber


The Chamber by John Grisham
The Chamber by John Grisham

This is the first John Grisham book I ever read. I had no idea about his other bestsellers. And this was the book that propelled me into diving headlong into a deep pile of thrillers and fish out Mr. Grisham’s works hereafter.

The Chamber here is the gas chamber in the Mississippi State Prison, where Sam Cayhall, former klansman and unrepentant racist is facing the death sentence. Our protagonist is Adam Hall, a twenty six year old facing a brilliant legal career ahead of him. And he also happens to be the grandson of Sam Cayhall.

While Sam Cayhall tries to ready himself for death in the Chamber, Adam is trying to get his act together and save his grandfather from the poisonous chamber. What follows is a tale of drama and intrigue into their pasts.

John Grisham has a natural flair for writing. He doesn’t struggle to write differently. He seems to deal with moral dilemmas as deftly as he does with legal whodunits. His characters are as real as they can get in a book. One can actually feel for the man-boy Adam Hall, trapped between two difficult choices.

For regular readers of Grisham, this book might not go down as well on account of the slow pace and abundant doses of sentimentalism strewn across the pages. Despite all of that, it’s an equally engrossing and compelling read.


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