Let’s begin with Alpana.

About Alpana– In short, she’s a hardworking and intelligent girl (and not the modest one!).  She loves writing and the arts, but the biologicals put her into more practical fields like Science and Management so that she can continue getting impressive scores and give her parents ample opportunities to show off their daughter’s track record.

She’s always wanted to do something “creative” but always ends up planning, organizing and managing things along the way. In college she was busy organizing festivals and participating in them and that sort of thing that such students do. After graduation, she worked for a Digital Marketing firm called Pinstorm in Bombay. Hired as a copywriter, she learned the ropes of digital marketing, copy writing, online media et al from a bunch of smart, energetic people. There too, she went and put her nose into various other things and did a lot more than was expected of her. Her managers didn’t complain too much about that.

After sometime, she had to move to Pune. In Pune she was hired by a company called Engage Infomedia as a Content Manager for their site BookChums India’s first book networking platform. There she worked as a project manager, book reviewer, social media manager, content manager, doing everything from attending book readings and literature festivals to interviewing candidates. Again, no complaints from the bosses.

Then she joined Teach for India. Why? Because she had always wanted to teach and this seemed like a good place to start. She taught a 5th standard classroom full of 64 kids in a low income school in Govandi, Mumbai. Teaching in classrooms with asbestos roof is not fun, she can tell you. After that she moved to Chennai, the city of beaches and bad autos. She taught a bunch of 27 kids who didn’t know any English when she joined and she didn’t know any Tamil to begin with. By the end, those kids could converse in English very well, but Alpana was left knowing a few words in Tamil that would ensure survival in the city of four summers.

After those two years, she decided she was better off working where she could make some difference and feel good about the work she did. So she joined Teach for India’s Training team as a Training Manager for Literacy, designing curriculum and resources, carrying her love of books and reading further. What this job involves is, simply put (even though it is rarely simple), planning and providing training and support for their Fellows so that they can teach their students in the best possible ways.  She loves all the reading and thinking her job involves. She doesn’t think what she does will change the world, but hopes that doing what she does will help her learn more about what could.

Now, about this blog.

This is where Alpana writes, whines, rants, comments, creates stories, posts books reviews. Teaching being not the easy job that most make it sound, has left this blog high and dry for quite some time. But hopefully, things will look up here.

To know more, you can go here –

In class with my Wizards
These rioters!

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