“If I ever want to get any work done, I will have to get out of this all-consuming relationship. Do you understand…?”

No answer.

“I’m thinking I’ll be better off with something short-lived, something lighter, more fun..”

No answer.

Finally I put it back in its place and picked up a collection of short stories.

>An Old Wives’ Tale


This is the perfect date, no webcam between us, he thought.
They shared a Diet Coke and ate fries. 
“I’ll wait for your status update.” She received a text as soon as she reached home. 
She updated her status immediately : 2nyt ws awsm, gr8, lulzzzzzz.  
The boy, heartbroken, deactivated his account.
The End.

Puppy Love

>Looking into her eyes, he laid out his heart bare, with all that was said and unsaid.
She looked into his and knew, he will always be there for her.

They were inseparable, even off-screen. The directors were surprised and glad that they hit it off so well.

The music began :You and I..