Review: The Wedding

The Wedding- Nicholas Sparks
The Wedding- Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is the new Danielle Steel. He writes books for women who are still chasing their big starry eyed love story from the time they watched Casablanca as a kid. It’s always about love, love and some more of it.

Sparks begins the novel with our here Wilson Lewis lamenting the loss of romance in his marriage. This seems bit difficult to digest- a man mourning that romance is out of his married life of 30 solid years is akin to a 10 year old kid worrying about key revenue areas. So, he’s not stereotyping you say? Oh well, great! So he’s showing us a man who’s sensitive and cares or rather begins to be so after 30 years of marriage and that is a great thing. But then why are his actions typical of a love-struck teenager?

Throughout the book, you see Wilson planning and musing and going over his past trying to find out where he went wrong. And as you go through his journey, you’d think he’s just being too hard on himself. And you’d especially go mad when you find that all this moaning about lost romance has arisen from the fact that he forgot one anniversary. Men around the globe forget anniversaries every year, and this man beats himself up like that for forgetting one. And yet they are complaining of no love?

On the other hand is the lady in question, Jane. There’s not much shown to her character, except for being described through a constant wry expression which apparently belies deep sadness within.  But that’s about it. Yeah, she cries a lot when hubby dear forgets anniversary. But then again, does crying mean all love is lost?

Sparks claims his books are moving love stories, and that’s the most honest and logically right thing you’d hear from him. In this powerfully moving tale of love lost, you will have to move from your reading spot to the garbage can to dump the book away after you’re done.

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