Review: Doctors

Doctors- Erich Segal
Doctors- Erich Segal

Whenever people hear Erich Segal, they think Love Story, and I don’t blame them. It is his most popular book. But if you have read Love Story and liked it, or disliked it, you should go read Doctors.

Doctors deals with Harvard Medical School class of 1962, and more specifically, with the lives of four doctors. Barney Livingston and Laura Castellano are childhood friends, having grown up as neighbors. They have their own reasons in pursuing medicine and end up in the same medical school. There’s Bennett Landsman, with a very intriguing past and an equally surprising future career, who comes to the rescue of Dr. Seth Lazarus long after they have graduated. The story shows us their years in med school, their career trajectories and how their personal lives shape up.

Throughout the story, you get the feeling that Segal has really done his job of researching all about medicine and the profession before writing about the book. It’s not just the bits of jargon and scientific terms used, it’s in the way he portrays his characters, their lifestyles, their mannerisms, their foibles and fancies, their very lives, which shows that he has studied extensively. His attention to details and specifics comes out very well in this novel.  Armed with all that well-researched knowledge, his adeptness at story-telling and his particular gift of creating moments that affect you, Segal comes up with a masterpiece.

You will learn that doctors too, are after all humans, with the responsibilities of gods. Pick up this tome, for a thoroughly engrossing and stirring read.

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