On Record: Samit Basu

This is my second official interview as such. And this time the man is Samit Basu, novelist, screenwriter, writer of comics and local monster, talking about his latest book Turbulence and writing among other things.

Snippets of the interview:

Samit Basu
Samit Basu

You’ve been part of quite a number of anthologies and collaborations. Which one was the best experience?

Collaborations – I co-wrote a comic, or graphic novel if you prefer, with Mike Carey, who is a writer I’ve idolized since I first started reading comics. If you haven’t read his Lucifer comics or his Felix Castor books, do so at once. For someone at that level, he was both incredibly generous as a collaborator and surprisingly nice as a person. The comic is called Untouchable, it’s a turn-of-the-century romance/horror story about a young Anglo-Indian boy’s twisted relationship with a rakshasi. It’s set in India and England, and starts this doomed couple, both outcasts, one caught between the different worlds of his parents, another caught between different eras and worlds.

Anthology wise, Electric Feather, the anthology of erotic stories edited by Ruchir Joshi. I wrote a story about a bunch of twentysomethings going back to Cal for a wedding and getting it on afterwards. It was lovely, because I got to write a kind of story I wouldn’t have done otherwise, have a great deal of fun, and people responded strongly – most people absolutely loved it, and others were deeply offended, and both responses pleased me greatly.

If you could be one of your superheroes, which one would you be?

Tia. I love her power, the ability to duplicate yourself and therefore essentially never have to make a choice again, because now you can live several lives and experience so many more things.

One book that you’d bequeath to your favorite niece/nephew.

I’d be a fairly sad uncle if I gave my favourite niece/nephew only one book. Lots and lots and lots of really good books. Do I have to bequeath them? That seems to involve dying. Must I die now?

One writer that seriously scrambled your brains with his/her dangerous and exciting ideas.

China Mieville


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Vicious Circle (A Felix Castor Novel)- Mike Carey


Vicious Circle- Mike Carey
Vicious Circle- Mike Carey

In the follow-up to his debut novel, The Devil You Know, Mike Carey brings us Felix Fix Castor, embroiled in another sinister ghost-hunting campaign. Though this time, it seems that Castor has bit off more than he can chew.

The first surprise comes when he has to track a “missing ghost”. A young girl who dies and returns to her parents’ house seems to disappear and the parents are distraught to find their daughter’s spirit. From then he stumbles on to an abusive ex-husband, malicious demonic rituals and the big daddy of all exorcisms, the Catholic Church.

To keep himself and the missing ghost from further harm, Castor turns to zombies, werewolves, and a succubus for help. The element of intrigue is forever present and some of the ritual practices revealed will definitely shock. For people who call these things supernatural mumbo-jumbo, you will be forced to really consider the question a bit more deeply. And for those already into supernatural incidents and powers, this one will keep you up for nights.

Known to comic fans for his work on HELLBLAZER, Carey brings the same kind of chilling writing into Vicious Circle. . Mike Carey suffuses dry wit and dark humor into this tale of horrific revenge and rescue missions. If the first book was excellent, this one raises the bar further. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the third book for this hell of a series.


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The Devil You Know (A Felix Castor Novel)- Mike Carey


The Devil You Know- Mike Carey
The Devil You Know- Mike Carey

Mike Carey is an acclaimed British writer who’s worked on comics like Lucifer, Hellblazer, X-Men, Crossing Midnight and The Unwritten. His debut novel, The Devil You Know centers around Felix Fix Castor, your modern-day exorcist who has to banish the occasional spirit, ghost or demon to pay his bills.

The novel begins with Castor pondering over his ill chosen career and trying to give it up. While trying to make ends meet, he takes up a seemingly simple exorcism in a museum at the heart of London. To his surprise and deflated ego, the blood-veiled specter seems reluctant to respond to tactics that would have ensured Castor a good quick fee. Castor probes deeper and finds himself making some more enemies which includes a rapacious succubus. How Castor manages to save himself from the dead, while not pissing them off too much makes for an immensely exciting read.

This is not your typical brooding horror book, thanks to our hero Felix Castor who can’t himself from blurting out wisecracks while facing his many nemeses. He’s your anti-hero in a hero, one who knows he’s a mean bastard and seems to enjoy it. But he’s also your savior of souls and you will like him and girls reading this will definitely find him very, very attractive.

Mike Carey brings the elements of horror and detective thrillers and combines them effortlessly to give us a supernatural adventure that gives the chills and tickles the funny bone too.

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