Review: A Quiver Full of Arrows

A Quiver Full of Arrows- Jeffrey Archer
A Quiver Full of Arrows- Jeffrey Archer

Acclaimed author of Kane & Abel, The Prodigal Daughter and As the Crow Flies among others, Archer brings us A Quiver Full of Arrows- a motley collection of twelve stories that take the reader from London to China, from New York to Nigeria meeting bickering lovers, old fools and driven men and women.

Be it the story of The Chinese Statue which was lost in a gamble by Sir Alexandar or the incident with Septimus Horatio Cornwallis, who accuses a fellow passenger of stealing his possessions; each story ends up so unexpectedly, one has to revisit the pages to gather our wits about.

My most favorite piece in the book, the reason why I lament the loss of the book so badly to date, is a story called Old Love. It’s about William Hatchard and Phillipa, two English Literature undergraduates who are the best in their class and bitter rivals. Their rivalry reaches its peak when they both decide to compete in the Charles Oldham Prize. Phillipa’s father dies suddenly and William, without realizing why, decides to drive her up for the funeral and stays by her side for support.

What follows make it one of the most moving stories told in the book. I’ll not say that I never cry when I read certain books, but this story certainly makes a record of some sort.

Archer brings his masterful writing and admirable storytelling skills to each piece, forming tightly composed jigsaws, creating kaleidoscopes of personalities and places.

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