Review: Armageddon- The Musical

Armageddon The Musical
Armageddon The Musical- Robert Rankin

Earthers: Rex Mundi, the hero unaware, Gloria Mundi, his not-very-nice-but-incredibly-attractive sister, Rambo Bloodaxe & Deathblade Eric, Elvis Presley with Barry the Time Sprout residing in his head.

Phnaargs: Mungo Madoc, main guy behind the TV show The Earthers, Fergus Shaman-the guy/Phnaarg of the Time Sprout, Jovis Jspht, Jason Morgawr.

The Almighties: Dalai Dan, the 153rd reincarnation of the Lama of that ilk, Christeen the only Daughter of God, and the Big Nose himself.

Year: Back and forth over 1958 and 2050.

The book is agog wit pop-culture references, some that come to surface only on a second or third reading. And you will definitely want to have a second reading. Things you are bound to do after every three pages include the following:

> Experience a genuine LOL moment.

> Chuckle/snigger at understanding a metaphor you thought you weren’t smart enough to catch

> Stare into space wondering hows, whats, hows of the twists and turns

> Marvel at the sharp wit and incredible imagination of Mr. Rankin

> And lastly, you’ll be going back once in a while to check that you are keeping pace with our heroes and villians.

For all its obscurity and missing from the “lists”, it is one of the best kept secret works of this genre. Go dig it out, strap on your safety belts and enjoy the ride.

Favorite Quote: If it’s God’s will, who gets the money? – Tony O’Blimey – From the Suburban Book Of Dead

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