Review: Roo Kickkick and the Big Bad Blimp

Roo KickKick and the Big Bad Blimp
Roo KickKick and the Big Bad Blimp- Ryan Gattis

This is one of the most twisted, unconventional novels I have ever come across.  The book covers the lives of the residents of Barguss, a small town in Western America. One of the characters is Roo Kickkick who gets beaten up by a bad guy and the bad guy and his friend meet their nasty end in an incident involving a runaway blimp. Hollywood finds this story good for a movie and thus you have the title of the book, and the movie being made in the book. Interesting, innit?

Narrated by an omniscient set of twins, the story runs at a breakneck speed, pausing for thrilling obstacles that only heighten the sense of this comic caper.

The story has amusing characters, with even weirder names that takes the craziness level of the book a notch higher; Like Thorpe Thorpe  and Thed Teldut who had an electric/acoustic band called Autistik/Artistik, which was originally named 6T by Thed and stood for Tee Tee Ta Tee Two Too or the Gee Street Girls of the popular local joint that called Taco Coleslaw Hamburger Hot Dog Apple. With a slew of such people and incidents, Gattis launches an avalanche of zaniness in his debut novel.

For anyone who likes a quick quirky read, this book is highly recommended.

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Review: My Legendary Girlfriend

My Legendary Girlfriend- Mike Gayle
My Legendary Girlfriend- Mike Gayle

Our hero, Will Kelly is soon going to turn 26. He hates his job of an English teacher at a comprehensive. His house is such a dump that he can’t cook without setting off the communal alarm. He has a somewhat steady income, but not enough money to distract him from the most important problem of his life: his legendary girlfriend Aggi. Or rather, ex-girlfriend. It’s been three years, and he still can’t get over her.

Then one fine day, he gets a call from Kate,the previous tenant of his shabby cubbyhole. They get talking and Will starts mulling over the possibility of life after Aggi, of a life with new beginnings, of a life with Kate. And what happens next is for you to find out. Does he find his second “The One” ?

The debut novel apparently took Britain by storm and was pegged as the Male Bridget Jones Diary. For the first claim, I wonder if it’s saying anything considering the fickle weather of Britain. For the second claim, now here I have two things to say-

1) Women whine. We know that. It was funny, even endearing to some extent to see Bridget Jones do that. I doubt I want to listen to a man whine about not getting a date or complaining that he’s getting fat.

2) There’s a reason it’s called “chick-lit” and not “dude-lit” or “hunk-lit”.

I couldn’t decide which guy I hated most- Will, Mike Gayle or the friend (yes, a guy) from whom I borrowed this book.

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