Review: The Blind Assassin

The Blind Assassin- Margaret Atwood
The Blind Assassin- Margaret Atwood
I’ve never been much of a sucker for award winning books. Even for the Booker winners. But this one had me falling hook, line and sinker. Read this one and you will add Atwood to your all time favorite writers immediately.

The Blind Assassin is a novel within the novel, a story running through two generations, in parallel universes, storming the worlds of two sisters and their families.

The novel has many layers to it, each unraveling an yet unseen sediment of story, each layer revealing as much as hiding. Atwood brings the characters to life with their mannerisms, dialogues crafted with an intensity that only just bubbles at the surface, inviting the reader to jump headlong into their entwined complex lives. The plot twists and turns and you’ll be enthralled till the very last page. Even there you’ll still be wondering if you concluded correctly.

The prose is the best I’ve seen till date, with compelling sentences that will stick out in your memory for a very long time. I found her writing to have the restraint and beauty as that of Irène Némirovsky, author of Suite Française. I’m sure that if I read the book again, I’ll find some more hidden clues and small stories that I’d not noticed the first time around.