Book Review: Hannibal


Hannibal- Thomas Harris
Hannibal- Thomas Harris

The third in the eponymous trilogy, Hannibal brings us another duel between legendary Dr. Hannibal Lecter and FBI Agent Clarice Starling. The events in the book happen seven years after Dr. Lecter’s daredevil escape from secure confinement.

Clarice Starling is struggling with a crumbling career when she gets a chance of revival- in the form of an opportunity to face Dr. Hannibal Lecter again. No one who’s met Hannibal is likely to forget the man in a hurry, more so a maimed victim blaming Hannibal for his predicament. That’s two people after Lecter, not to mention his own personal demons.

The last time Starling faced Hannibal, there was blood. What happens this time around? Harris takes us on another chilling ride filled with horror, revenge and intrigue. This time we delve deeper into Hannibal’s mind and the effect is somewhat of an anti-climax. The fear instilled by reading his actions are heightened and then allowed to fall heavily on ground, with a dull thud, after exploring the mind behind the mask of the man.

One can’t decide whether it humanizes Dr. Hannibal Lecter or makes him more grotesque. If you are looking for another Silence of the Lambs, you won’t find it. The book is a must because you have to know, you have to read it after reading Red Dragon and Silence of the Lambs, because you have to go the whole mile and see for yourself at what Hannibal has become and has made of others.

Harris still wields power with his words and plot, and at times overwhelms. But you know how a pampered mind is, once it has seen the best, it seldom if ever compromises with the almost best; but let that not deter you and go pick this tale of horror immediately.

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